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Water Leakage tape: a vital solution for repairing pipes

Posted by Nicky Smol on June 13, 2023 in Other news

Water Leakage tape

Water leakage on ships or vessels is a significant risk to the safety of your crew and their surroundings. Not to mention the damage it can do to your cargo and maintenance costs. In the maritime industry, having a reliable solution for addressing water leakage is crucial. This is where Water Leakage Tape, also known as Pipe Repair Tape, comes to your rescue.


What can Water Leakage tape do?

Water Leakage Tape is a game-changer for the maritime industry. Our tape is a specially developed resin-coated glass fiber cloth that can even be set underwater, making it an ideal solution for applications in the splash zone. Water Leakage Tape’s versatility extends beyond pipe repair. Whether it’s reinforcing weakened pipes, providing corrosion protection, or even offering electrical insulation up to 16,000 volts. Its resistance to temperatures up to 200°C and chemical corrosion make it a reliable solution for different maintenance and protection needs in the maritime industry.

To sum up:

  • • Can be set underwater, making it an ideal tape for applications in the splash zone.
  • • Can repair pipes that have (water) leakage.
  • • Reinforce weakened pipes.
  • • Provide corrosion protection.
  • • Offer electrical insulation up to 16,000 volts.
  • • Resistance up to 200°C.


How to use our tape?

Installing Water Leakage Tape onto your pipes is very easy:

  1. 1. Apply our Water Leakage tape very firmly around the (damaged) pipe, extending 2 inches beyond repair.
  2. 2. Continue to apply pressure on the tape by molding it in one direction until the tape begins to set.
  3. 3. If necessary, cut the excess tape with a knife or scissors. Clean tools with alcohol/acetone.

The fiberglass cloth tape is impregnated with a water-activated resin prior to packaging. Normal setting time is approximately 20 minutes, depending on the temperature. Its exceptional adhesion and resistance to harsh marine conditions ensure a secure and long-lasting seal, even under high pressures of up to 10 bar.


Water leakage tape


Water Leakage tape is WRAS Material Approved

Our Water Leakage tape is certified by WRAS to be used for the repair of water supply pipes without affecting the quality of the (drinking) water. This means our tape complies with all the strict regulations regarding drinking water.


What can T-ISS do for you?

The T-ISS Pipe repair tape is a vital asset for the maritime industry. Its ability to provide quick and reliable repairs, coupled with its versatility and compliance with water safety regulations, makes it an essential tape.

Please contact our team if you have any questions. For a quotation of our Pipe Repair tape, visit our product page.
Also available at Solastape.com.