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Life Jacket Lights to increase visibility on lifejackets

Posted by Nicky Smol on June 16, 2022 in Other news

Life Jacket Lights

Our Life Jacket lights are water-activated LED lights with an ‘off’ function. The 5-year lifejacket lights are DNV certified. The lights have a compact and thin design and are equipped with a light bubble/dome while maintaining the integrity of inflatable life jackets. They are delivered with a clip that fits almost any life jacket.

The lights are deactivated by pressing the power button on the front side. Activation and deactivation are clearly marked on the label, making them very easy to use in tough situations.


Alkaline or Lithium?

At T-ISS, we have two kinds of Life Jacket Lights, one with an alkaline battery and one with a lithium battery. The lights both have the same qualities and lifespan. Our Life Jacket Light Alkaline has a highly visible orange color, the Life Jacket Light Lithium has a blue color. Aside from that, it comes to personal preference.

Life Jacket LIghts










Product Features

• Automatically water activated and manually off switch
• High visibility blue color
• Supplied with a clip
• Operating temperature from -1 °C up to +30 °C
• Compatible with almost all standard lifejackets
• Made of waterproof ABS & Polycarbonate


Want to know more about our Life Jacket Lights or our other range of safety products? Please feel free to contact us.