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SafeSign signage; about the products

Posted by Nicky Smol on November 7, 2019 in Product information

What is SafeSign?

SafeSign signage stands for state of the art photoluminescent Safety Signs products. The brand has a leading position in  markets such as cruise boats and ferry’s, offshore platforms and creates safety signage solutions for buildings and the industrial market. Besides safety signs SafeSign also stands for the production of photoluminescent tapes and anti-slip products to guarantee safety and clarity in potentially dangerous situations. SafeSign offers a wide range of standardized products and tailor-made products to fulfil customers specific demands and needs. The quality of SafeSign products can be found all around the globe, in buildings, industrial plants and on sea.


The capabilities of SafeSign

SafeSign stocks all of the standardized signage products from our IMO catalogue and all ISO standards in PETX. PETX is our innovative, environmentally friendly, UV resistant and 100% recyclable base material. Using this base, we ensure that we can deliver our product fast and adequate from stock to fulfil the customers’ demands. Under private label we also manufacture safety signage on both aluminium, PVC or vinyl if required. If you would like to read more about the regulations concerning signage, please visit our IMO SafeSign Signs and Posters regulations page by clicking here.

Our design office is not only equipped with the latest DTP tools, but also trained and fully up to date on all legislations related to safety signage. They do not only draw your signs, but also advise and ensure full compliance.

SafeSign production is set up in such way, we can produce bulk orders up to 2000 signs per hour, or print one-off individual signs for your specific needs, on PETX, aluminium, PVC or vinyl. This according to your lay-out or based upon an ISO standardized design from our extensive database of drawings.


If you have any questions regarding our custom signage possibilities, feel free to contact us by clicking here.


SafeSign signage products – PETX signage

Most likely the biggest innovation in signage is our range of PETX signage. The ambition was simple, use the most environmentally friendly, flame retardant, UV resistant, transparent and 100% recyclable plastic, and print it from the backside. The result is our PETX signage range which offers more benefits than any other can offer you;

1.    Halogen free productGlowing SafeSign PETX fire eqtinguisher sign
2.   UV resistant (does not discolour)
3.    Glossy high-quality finish
4.   Easy to wipe clean
5.   100% recyclable
6.   Self-adhesive backing for easy fix
7.   Flame retardant
8.   Private label possibilities


SafeSign signage products – Aluminium signage

Aluminium signage offers you the ‘premium‘, luxury look you may be looking for. Besides the great looks, aluminium signage is a very durable product. Our aluminium signs have the same outstanding photoluminescent quality. This makes them great to be used in areas where regulations prescribe the use of non-combustible signage besides our PETX signage. Due to the flexibility of the aluminium material, we can offer several bend aluminium signs. We produce single-sided or double-sided wall-mount signs when your specific situation requires this.

Next to our regular aluminium signage we offer panoramic aluminium signage solutions. These products make it possible to display a safety sign widely. The pre-drilled holes make it easy to install, and the aluminium signage comes with the same outstanding properties as the flat aluminium signage. Panoramic aluminium signage realizes a 180° angle reach, which means people will see the sign from a far distance from a 180° range. As well as our regular flat aluminium signage, panoramic aluminium signage features the same outstanding photoluminescent quality.

SafeSign panoramic aluminium signs installed on a factory wall


SafeSign signage products – PVC signage

The most commonly used base material in the market for signage is still PVC. We produce PVC signage under private label for several customers. Due to the simplicity of the manufacturing process PVC is suitable for high volume production, and moreover, at short delivery times.

1.    Economic price point
2.   High-volume production
3.   Short delivery times
4.   Private label possibilities


SafeSign signage products – Special / Custom signage

In addition to the signage products we offer in our catalogue, we also offer the possibility to manufacture your specific custom signage products. Thanks to our extensive printing equipment and experience in custom print assignments we are able to manufacture your custom signage products at a very competitive price point.

Among other things, we offer the following custom signage possibilities:

1.    Private label signage
2.   Custom safety signage
3.   Custom aluminium signage
4.   Company details on signage


If you have any questions regarding our custom signage possibilities, feel free to contact us by clicking here.