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IMO adopts ISO safety signage standard

Posted by Nicky Smol on February 6, 2019 in Press releases

IMO adopts ISO safety signage standard

The new IMO Resolution A1116(30) Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings entered into force on January 1st, 2019. The assembly of the International Maritime Organization recalls resolutions A760(18) as amended by resolution MSC82(70), and A952(23). It has agreed to adopt the safety symbols of ISO 7010 and ISO 24409-2 and as a result, all escape route signs, equipment location markings and other safety signage onboard a vessel must be brought into line with that of ISO safety signage.

This means that we will see the same, recognizable, safety signage both onshore and offshore, increasing recognizability and safety.


Different standards brought together

Previously the IMO had resolution A760(18) for signage which was different from ISO standards and resolution A952(23) for Graphical symbols for shipboard fire control plans. These symbols were often used as signboards or stickers. ISO already has their standard for the use of safety signs as signboards or stickers with the right use of colors and symbols as applied onshore. Because of these differences, it was not possible to create a safety signage system which was uniform and comprehensible due to its design principles on and offshore.

The ISO Committee on Graphical Symbols has been working for some years on developing a consistent system for safety signage for both maritime and onshore applications, the new ISO 24409 series.


The Impact for ship owners

The intention is that the use of escape route signage and the marking of fire control and rescue equipment will be applied on vessels that are built or that undergo modifications or repairs within the scope of SOLAS chapters II-2 and/or III, combined with resolution A.952(23) for updating the ‘fire control’ plans in accordance with SOLAS II-2/15 2.4.

This means that your signage needs to be replaced, depending on your vessel this can be one hundred up to thousands of signs onboard a cruise vessel. So, action is needed to prevent surprises during dry dock or inspections.


T-ISS is ready to help

T-ISS Safety Suppliers can supply all signs (and also engineering a signplan) for your ship(s). “We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we’re producing and offer in the Marine and Offshore industry,” says Marcel Pex, Sales Director of Netherlands-based signage specialist T-ISS. “Customers and users depend heavily on our quality. This makes our primary goal to manufacture and offer products that are committing to the highest standards and international regulations. Our sign library contains thousands of possibilities and since we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint, you will not find the commonly used materials in our product portfolio, but only innovative PETX. PETX is a 100% recyclable plastic, flame retardant, non-toxic and UV resistant, material which will not fade over time.“

The quality and the fact that they are environment-friendly, was rewarded in 2018 when our T-ISS SafeSigns were nominated for Best Safety Product at the Safety at Sea Awards.


Free Compliance scan to assess the impact for your ship(s)

All ships will have to switch to the new signage at some point. “As a ship owner you will want to know exactly what you can expect in terms of efforts and investment. In the many years that we have been active in supplying safety signage and SOLAS safety products around the world, we have gained a lot of expertise which means that we can assess the impact of this IMO regulation for you. Our free Compliance Scan will give you a detailed plan in which we state the effort and investment that needs to be made to comply with this new IMO regulation.” says Marcel Pex.


About T-ISS

Founded in 2003, T-ISS is based in Dinxperlo, the Netherlands and employs about 20 people. Next to IMO Safety Signs, the company also produces (technical) posters, Solas Safety Products, Low Location Lighting, Solas Tapes and Pipe Marking Tapes.

Contact: www.t-iss.com
Marcel Pex, Sales Director: +31 6 19 89 00 12, sales@t-iss.com