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T-ISS PIPE-REP certified by WRAS for use on water supply pipes

Posted by Nicky Smol on October 16, 2018 in Product information, T-ISS in the news

Pipe-Rep certified by WRAS for water pipe repair T-ISS safety suppliers

We are proud to announce that our Pipe-Rep has now also been certified by WRAS to be used for the repair of water supply pipes without affecting the quality of the (drinking)water. With the WRAS Material Approval we demonstrate that our product complies with the strict regulations regarding drinking water supply.

The WRAS material approval includes the following: Non-metallic materials & components, such as rubber plate material & ‘O’ rings, undergo testing only for their effects on water quality. This type of approval shows that the non-metallic material or component itself does not contaminate the water and thus meets this special requirement of regulations and byelaws.

Do you want more information about our Pipe-Repair tape and its properties? Or do you want to know whether it’s suitable for your specific situation? Please contact our sales department via sales@t-iss.com.