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T-ISS launches PolyesPro® Pipe Marking

Posted by Nicky Smol on July 11, 2018 in Product information, T-ISS in the news

T-ISS PolyesPro Pipe Marking is the newest way to mark pipes in the maritime sector

PolyesPro®, formerly known to T-ISS customers as PXL, is a pipe marking material that specialy is developed in close collaboration with 3M™. Therefore, the product meets the highest standards in pipe marking.

The development of the product originated from the desire to achieve a higher temperature resistance and a longer service life. After several intensive production and field tests, the product is now available with all familiar 3M™ guarantees.

T-ISS PolyesPro Pipe Marking

About PolyesPro®

The PolyesPro pipe marking is a 3M™ MCS™ (Matched Component System) manufactured sandwich of a polyester base material where the image is applied to, finished with a protective polyester laminate. Also, the base material has a halogen-free glue backing which allows appliance on stainless steel pipes. The protective properties of the polyester laminate such as UV inhibitors and basic chemical resistance, ensures a long service life.


Layouts and safety symbols

Through our flexible production process all possible combinations of layouts and safety symbols are possible, as well as integration of complementary information such as line-numbers, from-to info and any other desired process information. We manufacture labels for all applicable national- and international standards and company standards. The rolls come in handy dimensions for an efficient and economical realization.

The scope of the product is very diverse. You can apply PolyesPro® on insulated pipes, painted pipes and stainless steel pipes.

Batch production and on-site installation has already started for our ongoing pipe marking projects. Besides the PolyesPro® line, our present and familiar product lines for pipe marking are still available.

Please contact us if you wish to receive more information about our PolyesPro® pipe marking product or visit the official PolyesPro® website.


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