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SafeSign nominated for Safety at Sea award

Posted by Nicky Smol on June 13, 2018 in T-ISS in the news

Safety at Sea award 2018 T-ISS Safe Signs

.We are delighted to report that our IMO SafeSign Signs are nominated for the Safety at Sea Award 2018. The awards recognize those who improve seafarer competence and risk management with innovations and achievements in the fields of training, operations, equipment and services. Our signs have been nominated for the fact that they are made out of PETX, an unique product composition in the market. Non PVC and absolutely Halogen free, besides that 100% environment friendly and recyclable.

Every ship has to comply with certain worldwide demands and international regulations for safety signage and security measurements on board, as well for the personnel as the passengers. In case of an emergency or just for information you have to produce and mount the signs according to the (new IMO) international standards.
IMO Safe Signs T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Difference compared to other signs

In most cases companies print signs on the surface of the sign. This means the weather conditions will have a great impact on the quality of these signs. Examples are  seawater, high temperatures and direct sunlight. Colors fade and the surface gets friable/fragile. We back-print our innovative PETX signs. This makes the signs highly durable and the weather conditions have less impact on the color. At first, we build up our signs using several layers. After this, we finish them with a PET layer. This makes the surface glossy and easy to clean.

With this innovation we are trying to save the environment by creating less pollution. We use environment-friendly materials, free from toxics or radioactive additives. All our signs come with a 10 year warrantee, even in outdoor usage.

The organizers of the event will announce the winner of the Safety at Sea Award on the 18th of October 2018 at the Le Méridien Piccadilly Hotel, Mayfair, London. We hope to win one of these most prestigious maritime industry awards.