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Photoluminescent Rope

Photoluminescent Rope

The Photoluminescent rope is made out of photoluminescent pigment and high quality resin. After absorbing visible light, the Photoluminescent rope will glow for 8 up to 12 hours in the darkness.


Photoluminescent rope is a type of rope that is made out of specific high-quality resin materials that have photoluminescent properties. These materials absorb and store light from ambient sources, such as sunlight or artificial lighting. Unlike electrically powered lighting systems that rely on a continuous power source, this rope does not require electricity to operate. It charges during the day when exposed to light and emits light during darkness, making it an energy-efficient and sustainable option. They can release this energy in the form of visible light when placed in darkness. This results in a glowing or luminescent effect that can be used for various purposes, including safety and navigation on ships and vessels. After absorbing visible light, the rope will glow for 8 up to 12 hours in the darkness.

In emergency situations at sea, such as search and rescue operations, this ‘glow in the dark’ rope can be deployed to mark locations, signal distress, or establish visual communication between vessels. Photoluminescent rope is energy efficient and low maintenance and therefore saves costs over time compared to traditional electric lighting systems.

DNV Approved.

Photoluminescent Rope is part of our LLL product range. Low Location Lighting (LLL) is a safety measure used on ships and vessels to enhance visibility. Low location light gets its name from its placement, close to the ground. More about Low Location Lighting can be found here.


Article number:
PHROPE100Photoluminescent rope16 mm x 100 m
PHROPECLPhotoluminescent ropeCustom length