Month: May 2019

Our Anti-Splashing Tapes; the various solutions we offer

As many people will know, we are well-known for our Anti-Splashing tapes. In this article we would like to explain which Anti-Splashing products we offer, and based on several example situations show you which product you could use during that specific occasion.   SprayStop SprayStop is one of our best known products, and for a
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Our Anti-Corrosion Tapes; the difference between CorStop and RustStop

In this product comparison we compare two products that at first glance could be similar, but have totally different purposes. We compare these products and explain their unique purposes and characteristics. This time, we feature CorStop and RustStop tape. CorStop and RustStop are products that, looking at their name, serve the same purpose. Nothing could
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The qualities and differences of our Marking Tapes

At T-ISS we offer a wide selection of marking tapes. These tapes all have the purpose of getting attention, but all do it in a different way and have a different approach. In this article we compare a wide selection of marking tapes we offer, and we will tell you about their purposes, qualities and
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