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Turn-Key solutions

T-ISS offers individual services, but can also provide you with a Turn-Key solution. With all of our expertise we will take care of the entire process as an end-to-end project solution.


On-site surveys

T-ISS experienced engineers attend your vessel to do a full physical survey. This will identify all essentials to be in full compliance and requirements for installation and replacement. The result is a gap analysis report, which identifies gaps within the directional guidance signage of the escape routes, the state of all current signage, required updates on fire safety plans, measurement results of the LLL system and any other products that do not adhere to current regulations.


Desktop surveys

Based upon your drawings, our engineers will provide you with a reporting which includes product requirements, fitting schedules and cost break down, for new builds projects as well as refurbishment projects.



T-ISS offers full engineering service, for engineering of Low Location Light plans, Fire Safety plans and engineering of rescue plans.



T-ISS designs, in your style and according to all applicable regulations, signs, plans and posters.



T-ISS have all standard signs, IMO posters and LLL systems on stock. We produce all other required signs, maps, etc. in-house and on demand, according to the same high standard as our standard range.



T-ISS engineers will take care of the complete installation of all sings and LLL systems according to the project plan. We can do the installation on shipyards, in port or during sailing.



You need to fully test all Low Location Light systems, at least once every five years. T-ISS engineers will test the luminance of your LLL systems on-board with fully certified test equipment. The measurement process as well as equipment are all certified by DNV. We will report all readings including the required upgrades and/or modifications.



Cerfitication is done whem the measurement surveys are completed. Also, all systems need to meet the legally required ratings to acquire the certification for the next five years.