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Pipe-Rep certified by WRAS for water pipe repair T-ISS safety suppliers

T-ISS PIPE-REP certified by WRAS for use on water supply pipes

We are proud to announce that our Pipe-Rep has now also been certified by WRAS to be used for the repair of water supply pipes without affecting the quality of the (drinking)water. With the WRAS Material Approval we demonstrate that our product complies with the strict regulations regarding drinking water supply. The WRAS material approval
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New Catalog 2019-2020 T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Check out our new T-ISS IMO catalog!

We are delighted to launch our new catalog of T-ISS Safety Suppliers. This is already the 9th edition of our very popular catalogue that has become the global reference for safety products and signage in the maritime sector. We supply more than 3000 different safety products especially for the marine and offshore industry. In this
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T-ISS PolyesPro Pipe Marking is the newest way to mark pipes in the maritime sector

T-ISS launches PolyesPro® Pipe Marking

PolyesPro®, formerly known to T-ISS customers as PXL, is a pipe marking material that specialy is developed in close collaboration with 3M™. Therefore, the product meets the highest standards in pipe marking. The development of the product originated from the desire to achieve a higher temperature resistance and a longer service life. After several intensive
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Safety at Sea award 2018 T-ISS Safe Signs

SafeSign nominated for Safety at Sea award

.We are delighted to report that our IMO SafeSign Signs are nominated for the Safety at Sea Award 2018. The awards recognize those who improve seafarer competence and risk management with innovations and achievements in the fields of training, operations, equipment and services. Our signs have been nominated for the fact that they are made
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Doe maar duurzaam RTL-Z T-ISS Safety Suppliers

T-ISS on Dutch TV

Our colleague Marcel Pex is talking about the sustainable developments offered by T-ISS to the Marine Market. This broadcast was seen on 27 August 2017 at  17:00 on the Dutch program ‘Doe maar Duurzaam’, which translates to ‘Act Sustainable’. The show was broadcasted on RTL Z, a business channel on Dutch television. You can watch
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