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T-ISS PolyesPro Pipe Marking

T-ISS launches PolyesPro® Pipe Marking

PolyesPro®, formerly known to T-ISS customers as PXL, polyester laminated pipe marking, is a pipe marking material that was developed in close collaboration with 3M™ and that meets the highest standards in pipe marking. The development of the product originated from the desire to achieve a higher temperature resistance and a longer service life. After
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T-ISS counterfeit SOLAS Reflective tape 3 T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Counterfeit T-ISS SOLAS Flex Reflective tapes

Beware of Counterfeit T-ISS SOLAS flex Reflective tapes Unfortunately, T-ISS has informed that counterfeit reflective tapes are offered in different parts of the world. This time, the counterfeit SOLAS reflective tapes have been printed with the T-ISS logo and are completed with an expired MED certification number (which was originally for a SART transponder). The quality of
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