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Thistlebond TRK 19000 RH

TRK 19000 RH Standard Resin & Hardener is a high performance, solvent free epoxy system designed for onsite repairs to metal, wood, glass and synthetic materials.

TRK Epoxy Standard Repair TRK 19000 consists of a unique blend of epoxy resin combined with polyamino amine adducts, which have been specifically selected to provide optimum adhesions and mechanical and physical strength.

TRK 19000 is simple to use and when used in conjunction with T-ISS range of reinforcement products such as TRK 19007/9 Glass Tape, Glass Cloth and Glass Mat will result in an excellent repair medium having inherent strength and integrity.

Suitable for encapsulating long lengths of large diameter pipework, bonding dissimilar materials and injection into voids and cracks from 1 to 20mm.

•  Adhesion – Excellent to both blast cleaned and mechanically prepared surfaces
•  Corrosion Resistance – Excellent even under seawater immersion conditions
•  Chemical Resistance – Unaffected by short-term contact with industrial chemicals
• Temperature Resistance – Suitable for use up to 100°C dry heat

Art. Nr.: TRK 19000 RH
HS Code: 39073000
IMPA: 81.22.16.