SlipStop Diamond Stairnoses

These anti-slip FRP products are suitable for all surfaces.

They are durable and made of pultruded glass fiber reinforced polyester with an anti-slip layer with a grain structure, available in various grades. Our Slip-Stop nosing and stair tread covers can be used on all types of stairs, such as steel, wood and stone stairs. The installation is quick and simple, with screws and / or high quality kit. It is also a very safe solution for emergency stairs.

Stair tread covers can be manufactured using high quality fire resistant resins, which meet Class 1/0 fire rating. We can also incorporate phenolic resins to achieve the ultimate level of fire resistance. These products produce virtually no toxic smoke and fumes in the event of a fire. Therefore they are suitable for use on offshore and underground applications.

SlipStop Diamond Stairnoses are available in several sizes:
– 800 mm x 90 mm
– 800 mm x 90 mm (Pre-Drilled)

For prices and other specifications, please check the brochure belonging to our SlipStop product range. You can find it on our Downloads Page.

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