Pneumatic Hull Locker

The T-ISS Pneumatic Locker is used to secure the bottom of the accommodation ladder or gangway to the ship’s side. The locker works with a vacuum pressure, supplied from your deck air supply.

The Pneumatic Locker is the tool, to increase safety on high free board vessels when accommodation ladders are used by crew or pilots. The T-ISS Pneumatic Locker is supplied in a sturdy storage box and comes with IMO type storage sign and instruction poster. Also, an air hose connection is included as well as a tightening belt. The T-ISS Pneumatic Locker is designed based upon IMO Resolution A. 1045(27).

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Art. No: PNLVE-Z
IMPA: 23.20.91
Size: 250 x 210 x 100 mm (wxlxh)
Lift rate: 300 kg
Clamp rate: 850 kg (pulling force)
Weight: 3 kg
Air supply: 6 – 7 bar

Set consists of:
●   1 pcs Pneumatic Locker
●   1 pcs tightening belt (IMPA 23.20.94)
●   1 pcs sturdy wooden storage box (IMPA 23.20.95)
●   1 pcs IMO-type instruction poster/self-adhesive backing
●   1 pcs IMO-type storage location sign/seIf-adhesive backing

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