Life Raft Rescue Boat Hook PX01

The T-ISS Life Raft / Rescue Boat Hook PX01 is a combined automatic release hook which can handle rescueboats and life rafts up to a safe working load of 35 kN.

The advantage of using the T-ISS Px01:
●   It will increase safety, as the crew only need to familiarize themselves with one hook, instead of two, there is no second hook, dangerously swinging around when lowering
●   In distress situations the crew will instantly know which hook to use, as there is only one hook
●   The most economical solution, why buy two hooks if one is sufficient?

This hook can be used for rescue boats with a davit load less then 3500 kg and/or a davit launched liferaft up to 40 pax. The hook can be operated as an automatic release hook, releasing when the craft enters the water, or as a manual release hook, whereby the load needs to be off the hook before releasing.

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Art.No: PX01
Size: 285 x 260 x 70 mm
Weight: approx. 7 kg
Maximum SWL: 3500 kg
Material: Stainless steel 316/Duplex
Approved by: EC Directive 96/986C on Marine Equipment (MED)
Relevant standard: ISA Code for Hooks for Liferaft Launching, as amended MSC.81(70)

Fully compliant with updated SOLAS requirements, as per Resolutions MSC.320(89) and MSC.321(80)

Also available:
PX02 25 kN Life Raft hook
PX03 15 kN Rescue boat hook

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