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Life Jacket Lights

T-ISS water-activated LED Lifejacket Light with “off” function, is the only 5-year SOLAS lifejacket light certified to use Alkaline batteries instead of standard Lithium batteries, simplifying light disposal on expiration. It significantly exceeds the requirements on brightness and duration. It’s very compact and thin design is equipped with a 360° bubble light dome, and due to the rounded edges, the integrity of inflatable lifejackets will be maintained. It is delivered with a clip, which fits almost any lifejacket, up to 2″ webbing.

The light is deactivated by moving the activation arm anti clockwise. If the light after disruption is brought back to automatic mode, and water contacts are dry, splash water on the contacts and the light goes on again. Activation and deactivation is clearly marked on the label.

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Art. No: LJC001
IMPA: 33.0143
Size: 88 x 42 x 16 mm
Light dome: 9 mm
Weight: 67 gr
Light Duration: Min. 8 hours
Light intensity: 0.75cd light
Shelf life: 5 years.

●   Maximum brightness of 10 candela
●   Manual on/off switch
●   Alcares light
●   16mm in depth
●   Supplied with a clip
●   Compatible with: Life Jacket Compact and Life Jacket Inflatable

●   Made of waterproof polycarbonate
●   Solasgrade T-ISS tape

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