Life Jacket Inflatable

T-ISS 275N 2-Chamber is an automatically operated lifejacket in accordance with the IMO regulations. The lifejacket is fitted with a permanently deck safety harness. Full performance is achieved by full inflation of one or both chambers, either by the automatic or manual initiation of the operating mechanism or by use of the oral tube feature. This lifejacket is designed for use on open sea and in all weather conditions and it’s approved by Fleetwood Nautical (UKAS No. 1559 NB No. 0514). The IMO Life Saving Appliances (LSA) code in accordance with IMO Res. A689 (17).

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Art. No: IFL001
Wearing size: 50+ kg
Floatation: 275N
Co2 patron: 60 grams

Cover options:
●   Codrura cover red / black
●   Wipe clean orange
●   Fire retardant (silver)

Automatic Halkey Roberts V9000

●   Extreme weather protection
●   When wearing heavy protective waterproof clothes, the jacket remains safe and will rotate the body so that the airways are clear of the water
●   Fire retardant cover (optional)
●   Wheelmark Solas approved
●   Custom design possible
●   Comes with whistle and Solas light

Also available or compatible with:
●   Life Jacket Compact
●   Life Jacket Light

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