International Shore Connection

The goal of the International Shore Connection is to keep a standby hose attachment to get a connection from shore or from other ships for onboard firefighting, in case there is a total failure of pumps onboard.

While using the International Shore Connection, the sea water is supplied at a pre-decided pressure and is connected to the ship’s fire main. This international shore connection flange is generally kept at a convenient and accessible location (Bridge or in Fire locker) of a ship so that in case of an emergency it is ready to use.

The connection should be made up of steel or other suitable material and shall be designed for 1.0 N/mm2 services. The flange should have flat surface on one side and other side should be permanently connected or attached to a coupling which can be easily fitted to ships hydrant and hose connection.

The connection should be kept onboard with a ready gasket of material which can handle a pressure of 1.0 N/mm2 together with four 16mm bolts, 50 mm in length and eight washers so that the connection can be readily used in case of an emergency situation.

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