Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU)

The T-ISS SeaMate Ve-1 hydrostatic release unit is designed to operate in all conditions, from extreme heat to the polar environment. In the exceptional situation your vessel sinks, the T-ISS SeaMate Ve-1 will automatically release your life rafts and EPIRB’s.

Our innovative design increased the reliability, that’s why the T-ISS SeaMate Ve-1 has an expiry life of 3 years. This means you only replace the HRU every 3 years, instead of 2 years which is common. Besides the cost saving, this also reduces the environmental footprint. The T-ISS SeaMate Ve-1 hydrostatic release also fits on remote release systems, this enables you to release life rafts remotely. An EPIRB model is also available, delivered with the bolt and nut to connect the EPIRB to your vessel.

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HRU001Basic model, 6 to 150 pax33.011947.008.02
HRU002EPIRB model33.012647.008.03
HRU003Basic model 1 to 12 pax33.012647.008.03
HRU004Remote released model33.012647.008.03
HRU005Combi model33.011947.008.02

Size: 165 x 75 x 65 mm
Weight: 0.24 kg


HRU Hooks

The HRU hooks are suitable for various HRU models and are made out of SS316, and have a breaking strength that complies with ISO6892. All hooks are packed in sets of 10 pieces.

Art. No: Shackle           SHACKLE001
Art. No: Carabineer     CARAB001
Art. No: Sliphook         SLIPHOOK001

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