Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)

Light, compact and easy to use. Our Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is perfectly adapted to confined spaces onboard vessels. It’s designed to escape from toxic or low oxygen environments, which require easy and immediate use. The EEBD is packed in a handy carrying bag. Positive pressure in the hood eliminates any risk of inhaling toxic gases. An alarm indicates when the air supply is running out.

T-ISS EEBD is intended to be used to escape from a machinery room and to be carried by fire fighters to give personnel in need any assistance.

An EEBD is NOT intended to be used for fire fighting purposes or entering low oxygen or toxic environments. This EEBD is designed according to Chapter 3 – Fire System Safety Code (FSSC)/2.2. A training version of this EEBD is also available.

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Art. no: EEBDIS
IMPA: 33.04.38
ISSA: 47.211.01

● TS EN 1146/15 Including Al, A2, A3
● Solas 74, including amendments 2000
● Regulations 11-2/13 3.4 and 13.4.3
● MSC/Circular 849, IMO Resolution MSC 9803
● For proper outdoor storage a EEBD Cabinet is available

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