BLT 250 Line Thrower

The BLT 250 Line Thrower, which meets the demand of Solas/lMO regulation 74/83, is a pneumatic system which throws projectiles by power of compressed air. The BLT 250 has interchangeable launchers and easy refilling projectiles.

Line throwers are essential tools for water rescue. The projectile within the BLT 250 Line Thrower can reach distances up to 250 meters. This pneumatic line thrower replaces traditional pyrotechnic line guns with an intrinsically safe option. The components of this line thrower are reusable.

Shelf life is unlimited, if regular maintenance is done by Authorized Service’s personnel. The only cost for 4 throws with this BLT 250 Line Thrower is refilling the cylinder with dry air.

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This product has a standard strong plastic bag but is also available in wooden box.

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