Biosoluble HeatStop Tape

If you’re looking for a product that insulates heat; look no further. T-ISS Biosoluble HeatStop Tape protects surfaces and lowers temperatures in a highly effective way. For example; a 180 °C tube will decrease to a temperature of 60 °C when T-ISS HeatStop Tape is applied. This is an extraordinary performance compared to competitive fiber tapes that will only cool down to a temperature of 95 °C.

T-ISS Biosoluble HeatStop Tape is a revolutionary new and environmental friendly product which was invented to replace the ceramic fiber tape in the maritime sectors. T-ISS Biosoluble HeatStop Tape is made of a biosoluble fiber chemical composition which is different from regular ceramic fiber, the biosoluble fiber has a better performance and it is biodegradable.

T-ISS Biosoluble HeatStop Tape is a woven fabric made of superior biosoluble fiber. This special Solastape contains about 15-18% binder materials which gives it superior heat resistance. Inwoven stainless steel wire and the fiberglass filament inside will keep the biosoluble fiber tape high temperature performance when it is used.
T-ISS HeatStop complies with the BV regulations.

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