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Marine Anti-leak tape to ensure safety on ships and vessels

Posted by Nicky Smol on May 30, 2023 in Other news

Marine Anti-leak tape

Marine anti-leak tape, also known as Spray Stop tape or anti-splash tape, is a highly regarded product designed specifically for the maritime industry. As a leading solution, it effectively prevents dangerous spray-outs of hazardous liquids in tubing systems, making it an essential component for ensuring safety on board ships and vessels.


What is the tape made of?

Our anti-leak tape is a state-of-the-art laminated multilayer aluminum tape. Carefully crafted by our team of safety specialists, this tape provides reliable protection against leakage and splashing of flammable oils in tubing systems. It is in compliance with SOLAS regulations, which mandate the use of appropriate measures to prevent leaks and splashes from fuel oil, hydraulic, and other systems on ships.


Marine Anti-leak tape


Marine Anti-leak Tape 50+

If you require higher pressure resistance for your piping systems or tubing systems, our Marine anti-leak tape 50+ is the ideal choice. With a maximum pressure capacity of 50 bars, it is specifically designed to handle liquid transportation under high-pressure conditions. This tape is suitable for the same applications as our standard Marine anti-leak tape. The only difference is the bar pressure: the regular tape is up to 15 bar.


More about our Marine anti-leak tape

Our tape can withstand a maximum pressure of 15 bars and a continuous temperature of up to +160 ºC (+200 ºC shortly). It has a shelf life of 3 years. For your convenience, the tape is available in various dimensions, which you can find on our product page.

For any inquiries or further information about our tapes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you in ensuring the safety and integrity of your maritime operations.



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