T-ISS adds Thistlebond to its product range

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Posted by admin on August 31, 2018 in Product information

Thistlebond available at T-ISS Safety Suppliers

Sometimes emergency repairs on leaking or damaged pipelines need to be carried out on board the ship. Failure to do so in time can lead to dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations. T-ISS has several SOLAS tapes in its assortment as a temporary solution for repairs to leaking pipes.

With the addition of the Thistlebond product range to our assortment, we can now also provide you with permanent repair options for large diameter pipes and tubes from plastic to steel. This includes the fast curing epoxy resin, which can be used in combination with specially formulated glass tape to repair and elapse pipes. As of today, T-ISS is the official distributor of the complete Thistlebond product range to the marine industry.