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Safety Products

T-ISS offers a wide range of Safety Products for the marine and offshore market to protect your people and your business. We aim to be at the forefront of maritime safety and are constantly developing new products based upon our solid reputation for quality and innovation. One thing we never compromise on, however, is quality. All of our Safety Products meet the strictest standards for design, testing, documentation, are compliant with varying local regulations and international standards. T-ISS offers Safety Products which are cost-efficient, easy to use and above all, will give the owner and user, peace of mind. All T-ISS Safety Products are sold across the world through an extensive network of stockists and distributors. 

Hydrostatic Release

The SeaMate HRU is designed to fit all liferafts from 6 up to 150 persons.

ATEX Transceiver

Intrinsically safe radio for Fire Fighters.

Release Hook

The T-ISS Release Hook is a automatic release hook which can handle rescue boats and life rafts.

BLT 250 Line Thrower

The T-ISS Line Thrower is a pneumatic system which throws projectiles using compressed air.


The Emergency Escape Breathing Device makes sure you are able to breath in dangerous situations.

Life Buoy Light

The Life Buoy Light is a bright light that makes sure you are visible in dangerous situations.

Fire Plan Container

Fire Plan Containers are used to store escape plans and are made to withstand strong weather.

Magnetic Locker

The Magnetic Locker is used to stabilize and secure pilot ladders attached to ships.

Pneumatic Locker

The Pneumatic Locker are used to stabilize and secure escape staircases attached to ships.

Leak & Seal Repair Kit

The ELS-kit is a response kit that enables immediate action when situations demand it.

TagLock Products

TagLock products are used to tag and lock specific types of marine and industrial equipment.