Pipe Repair Tape

Product Description

Piperep is a special developed resin coated glass fiber cloth repairtape and maintenance product which will sets also under water. The fiberglass clothtape is impregnated with a water activated resin prior to packaging. Normal setting time is approx 20 minutes, depending on temperature. The activator is normal salt or fresh water!! This repairing product sets even under water because of this its an ideal use for applications in the splash areas, corrosionprevention, reinforcement and electrical protection up to 16,000 volts. Piperep will retain pressure on supply lines and will function under intermittent temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Available Sizes

  • 50 MM x 1,5 M (2")
  • 75 MM x 2,7 M (3")
  • 100 MM x 4,5 M (4")