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T-ISS Pipe Marking Tapes

Offshore platforms and vessels require identification of piping systems according to ISO 14726. T-ISS has developed pipe marking identification systems according to this regulation for the specific requirements on-board.

The ISO 14726 standard, specifies the principle colors for the identification of substances in pipes. To improve the identification further, T-ISS also offers tapes which not only show the mandatory color coding, but also the printed name of the medium and flow direction with arrows.

The environment on board can diver from a constant medium environment in the engine room, to the harsh outdoor marine environment. So besides the general pipe marking tape for indoor use, we’ve developed, based upon on our extensive experience with these materials, a pipe marking tape which can withstand the harsh marine environment.

T-ISS pipe marking tape is available in the following qualities:
· Pipe marking PV, high grade vinyl material for indoor use, mainly used in ships engine room.
· Pipe marking PVL, high grade laminated material for indoor & outdoor use, lifetime expectancy 5 years.
· Pipe marking PXL, high grade laminated PX polyester modified material for indoor & outdoor use, lifetime expectancy 10 years.

As manufacturer we’re able to cater for any specific customer need, our in-house design and production enables us to respond quickly and efficient to requests on lay-out or sizes. Of course T-ISS stocks all standard pipe-marking so we are able to ship your order the same day.

Application: Where do you need to apply the correct pipe marking?
-at least in every room which pipes passes through.
-at each point where pipes pass through walls, ceilings or floors.
-in the proximity of every valve.
-and the maximum distance between pipe marking is 3 to 5 meters (visible distance).