Drip Stop Tape

Product Description

Simple to use. Drip Stop “Non Leak” Tape is not using any adhesive components. It will not stick to the hand. Drip Stop Tape is made to stick his own components with a full cure time of 20~30 minutes when overleap taped approximetly ½ width to underlayer material (by making about 2~3mm narrow of width of tape). Applicable to execute of taping wet areas even pressurized leaking up to about 2~3kg/cm2 and it will cure even in water. When being used in wet areas, it must winded by hand very tightly in order to avoid invading the water or trash between the layers. To prevent a leakage and splashes of liquid, air and powder etc, from piping joints and connections. Corrosion prevention of exposure metal portion or metal piping.

Available Sizes

  • 0,5 MM x 25 MM x 10 M
  • 0,5 MM x 38 MM x 10 M
  • 0,5 MM x 50 MM x 10 M